water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system
water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system
water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system

water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system

water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system, US $ 129 - 140 / Unit, Hotels, FoodBeverage Factory, FoodBeverage Shops, Guangdong, China (Mainland), Quanju.Source from Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Co., Ltd. on Waimaotong.com.

Quick Details
Applicable Industries:
Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Food & Beverage Shops
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
After-sales Service Provided:
Video technical support, Online support
1 Year
ozone output:
net weight:
cooling way:
air cooling
ozone concentration:
case material:
stainless steel
220/110V 50/60HZ
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
1000 Unit/Units per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
wooden case/carton case
Product Description

  Details:Air source ozone generators

modelozone output(g/h)size(cm)power(w)net weight(kg)cooling way
QJ-8001K 2 23*18*42 60 5.9 air cooling 
QJ-8001K 3 23*18*42 80 6.2
QJ-8002K 3 32*25*52 100 8.7
QJ-8002K 5 32*25*52 120 9.1
QJ-8002K 5 32*25*52 140 9.2
QJ-8005K 10 32*26*58 180 10.9
QJ-8006K 15 40*30*71 300 17.5
QJ-8007K 20 40*30*83 320 17.7 water+air cooling 
QJ-8008K 30 40*30*95 350 20.3
QJ-8009K 40 55*40*85 480 34
QJ-8010K  50 55*40*100 530 35
QJ-8011K  60 55*40*113  680 38
QJ-8012K 80 55*40*124 1020 68
QJ-8013K 100 55*40*133 1140 67
QJ-8014K  150 60*50*143 2000 75
QJ-8015K 200 60*50*143 2300 
QJ-8016K  300 75*50*143 2800 
QJ-8017K 400 75*50*153 4000 
QJ-8018K 500 80*70*153 5000 

water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system


1.This product produces ozone gas and has a very strong role in  killing 99.9% various types of bacterias and viruses.


2.It is a water treatment system,combines the lastest technology in water filtration and sterilization by Ozone.


3.This modern system will provide, 100% pure drinking water, sterilization, deodorization, and it will remove all the toxins in the water.The ozone will be broken down into oxygen without any residual contamination. It can promptly kill bacteria propagule, spore, fungus all pathogenic micro-organisms.improve and purify the water to creat a heathy environment.


4.ozone shower,spa,bath can accelerate human metabolism,remit or cure different kinds of desease.make you relaxed,a perfect product for home health care.


water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system

water ozonator,ozone sauna/ozone spa water purification system



What is ozone?Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew in air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology. Ozone’s molecular structure is three oxygen atoms (O3).


How is the ozone product?Ozone can be produced artificially by an ozone generator according to the same principles that occur in nature; by UV light (ozone layer) or by corona discharge (lightning).  In both methods the bonds between oxygen molecules are broken forming oxygen  radicals (O), which connect with other oxygen molecules (O2) to create ozone (O3).  The corona discharge method is preferred for ozone production due to its prolonged  efficiency and lower production costs.


An ozone generator uses either ambient air or pure oxygen to create ozone. The benefit of using pure oxygen is that higher concentrations of ozone can be achieved more  quickly. Applications requiring high ozone concentrations will therefore favour the use  of an oxygen concentrator, which separates pure oxygen from the air.


How does ozone work?Ozone destroys pathogens and odours by an oxidation process: one of the three oxygen atoms reacts and splits from the ozone molecule to oxidize matter with inherent  oxidation demand. In so doing, the ozone molecule is transformed into oxygen. Any  excess ozone is stable for a short time before decomposing back into oxygen.
The most common ozone applications include air and water purification as well as  applications where ozone can fully or partially replace disinfectants. As opposed to  most chemicals, ozone is safe to use


Why is ozone a green technology?Ozone is a green technology with many environmental benefits. It reduces our  dependence on traditionally used, harmful chemicals such as chlorine and eliminates  their hazardous disinfectant by-products (DBPs). The only by-product created by ozone applications is oxygen which is reabsorbed into the  atmosphere. Ozone’s ability to disinfect in cold water also saves energy.

Company Information


We can manufacture ozone genetator varied from 5grams to 10kg/hr ozone with oxygen feeding.also we can supply 500mg/hr to 10kg/hr ozone generator with air feeding, 3LPM to 1000LPM PSA oxygen generator/concentrator,car air purifier with ozonizer and ionizer.


Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Tech Co. has been lined in small and medium size ozone generator manufacturer for over 10years,with high quality and resonable price for our dear customers.


Quanju ozone generators have been exported to many countries:

Chile,UAE,Korean,Malaysia,India, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Ghana, Italy, Turkey, Iran, England, Canada, Nigeria,USA, etc.


Packaging & Shipping


Ozone generaor packing : factory original package wooden case/carton case .

Shipping:for 1-10 units,only 1-3 workingdays after payment.

Express/DHL/Air mail/By sea




Email:marz @ozonemade.com


Phone: +86



Any need and questions,please feel free to contact us